You can now run any Android app on Chrome

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Apr 2015


Last year, Google released a handful of Android apps for Chrome and Chromebooks. The ability to run Android apps on Chrome was made possible by Google’s App Runtime for Chrome (ARC). Now, the company has confirmed in a press event that it will be opening up its ARC programme for everyone. 

This means that Android developers will be able to test and run their apps on Chrome, and make necessary adjustments to make sure that it is compatible with it as well.

Users will also be able to run Android apps on Chrome, but before you get excited, keep in mind that most of them will not work properly as the testing from the folks at Ars Technica reveals. Also, since Google Play Services is not supported by ARC currently, any app that relies heavily on it will obviously not work as well.

To run Android apps on Chrome, users will need to install the ARC Welder plugin, which converts APKs used by Android for ARC.

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