Nokia Store can now be installed on any Android device

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 28 Feb 2014

Nokia Store Android

Yesterday, we spoke about how custom launchers can be side loaded onto the Nokia X with the help of .apk files. And today, a new revelation sheds light on how to port Nokia’s Android app hub to other Android devices.

This app can now be loaded onto your Android smartphone, similar to how the Amazon App Store is installable on non-Amazon devices. With Nokia introducing its own custom framework and making the APIs available for developers, there aren’t any Google apps here. Also, this app hub doesn’t enjoy the quality or the quantity of apps as the premier Android app hub, but we can hope for more applications to find a home here in the coming months.

If you are familiar with the side loading of .apk files, head over to the XDA forums from the link provided below and make sure you give the Nokia Store a thorough look. The porting of the Nokia Store app also opens up the opportunity to port other apps like Nokia Here Maps, Mix Radio, etc onto other Android devices. This will certainly not sit well with Nokia, but there’s very little they can do in this regard.

[XDA via Android Community]