Nexus 7 (2014) rumors say ASUS out, LG in

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 29 Jul 2013


Yes, I know it’s silly to be talking about the 2014 Nexus 7 when the 2013 Nexus 7 has only been shipping for a handful of days, but remember, this is the internet, and as such, it’s insane. But let’s step back for a second. When it comes to the first Nexus 7, the 2012 model, less than 10 million units were sold. By some analyst estimates, it was closer to 7 million units. This new one that’s out now, let’s be gracious and say sales growth will hit 150%. That’s 10.5 million units.

Looking forward to 2014, let’s be gracious again and say 150% growth. That’ll be almost 16 million units. Is ASUS the type of company that can secure 16 million panels, processors, and assemble them all on time? Not really, which is why analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, known for his spot-on Apple rumors, is saying that ASUS is out and LG is in for next year’s 7 inch Nexus tablet.

Can Ming be wrong? Absolutely. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that since Samsung is already making the 10 inch Nexus for Google, why wouldn’t they try to bid for the contract to make the 7 inch model as well? And let’s also not forget, Google now owns Motorola, so when is that part of the company going to start making tablets?