New SwiftKey beta brings a simple and streamlined installer

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 4 Dec 2013


The SwiftKey team, today, released a new beta of their keyboard for Android with a new installer. The new installer streamlines the whole procedure to setup and personalize SwiftKey, compared to the current installer. 

The SwiftKey team has been steadily trying to improve the minor issues with their keyboard, and the latest beta is a step in the right direction. The current SwiftKey installer can be a bit complicated for new users, which is what the team is aiming to fix with the new installer in the beta build.

All the options and features that a new user does not need to know about to use the keyboard, has been tucked under the Settings of the keyboard. This includes SwiftKey cloud which helps in keeping a user’s dictionary synced across devices.

Head over to SwiftKey’s announcement post to grab the download link of the APK. Do make sure to drop in your views at their community forum to help them make the new installer easier to use.