LG’s Mobile Chief Says It Planned the G7’s Notch Display Before iPhone X

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 4 May 2018

Post the release of iPhone X last year, we have seen a bunch of Android OEMs follow suit and release smartphones with a notch display at the front. LG is the latest company following Apple’s footsteps with its newest flagship: the G7 ThinQ. 

However, while the G7 might have launched six months after the iPhone X, LG’s mobile chief division, Hwang Jeong-hwan says it thought about the notch design before Apple. He also says that the company refers to it as a secondary screen since calling it a notch implies that something is missing.

“Hwang, LG’s mobile chief: LG planned the notch design before Apple. The display design may look similar to that of other smartphones, but boasts differentiated features.

The mobile chief also confirmed that while the G7 does not ship with AR emojis, the company will add it to the handset along with some of its older models with a software update in the future. He also made it clear that LG will continue to use LCD panels on its G series of smartphones, with the V series making use of OLED panels.

LG has not had much success with its flagship phones over the last couple of years. A lot rides on the G7 ThinQ for the company, though at first glance, the handset does not seem to offer anything new that’d set it apart from the iPhone X or the Galaxy S9. Nonetheless, LG is optimistic that the G7 sales will surpass that of the G6.

[Via The Investor]