LG G2 for Sprint updated to feature Knock Code, gets a new HD Voice icon and other improvements as well

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Jul 2014

Sprint LG G2 ZVD update

For Sprint, July has been a busy month of updates. First, the Now Network’s LG G Flex, and then soon after their variant of the HTC One (M8). Now, though, another LG-branded device has been seen fit to get a software upgrade, and with it one of LG’s famous new features is being brought into the older handset.

Who says you can’t teach an old phone new tricks? LG and Sprint have confirmed that a new software update is on its way to the LG G2, and will begin rolling out on July 21. As is usual, these types of things take time, and the wave-by-wave release will reach every G2 out there in the wild under Sprint’s banner in due time. It will probably complete in about a week, but the update page on Sprint’s site doesn’t give any specific timelines.

As far as features go, the main stage event is all about LG’s Knock Code, something the company has been quite vocal about ever since its debut. With the Knock Code, an owner will be able to implement a series of knocks on the display, in a particular order, to unlock the handset.

The software update, which brings it up to Sprint’s version ZVD, also includes a new icon for HD Voice (something that’s being added to other devices as well), a patch for Google, and an updated email signature. Owners will also see improvements for group messaging.

Has your LG G2 been updated today?

[via Sprint]