It’s official: AT&T is bringing the Optimus G Pro to America in one week for $200 on contract

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 2 May 2013

The LG Optimus G Pro is a device that the internet has known about for months. It launched in Korea ages ago, and the question that’s been on everyone’s mind is when will it be sold in other markets? Well, we finally have an answer. LG held an event in New York yesterday to announce that the G Pro will go on sale on May 10th on AT&T’s network for $200 with a two year contract. There’s only one color option available: black.

Taking a step back, what’s the G Pro all about? It’s a 5.5 inch 1080p smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and 2 GB of RAM. In other words, it’s Samsung’s GS4, but with a larger screen. Engadget said as much in their hands on, noting that while the G Pro easily gives Samsung’s equally sized Note II some competition, the Note III is right around the corner.

Should you buy this thing? I keep on returning to the video review of the G Pro done by Pocketnow. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say they hate it, they definitely didn’t seem to want to recommend it to people. Who can blame them? LG’s plastics are worse than Samsung’s, their software skin is even more cartoony than TouchWiz, and LG isn’t exactly known for issuing software updates, whereas Samsung often supports products for 18 to 24 months.