Greenify update adds support for non-rooted Android devices

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Jan 2014


Greenify is one of the most popular apps for rooted devices on the Play Store. The application automatically hibernates apps from running in the background thus saving precious resources and improving battery life. In combination with an Xposed module, Greenify can also be used to hibernate system apps without affecting their push functionality severely. 

The only issue with Greenify is that it requires root access, which is a bummer for the majority of the users. That changes from today though, as the latest update to Greenify allows it to work without root access on Android devices. This means that you can finally hibernate pesky apps like Facebook  from running in the background without root access.


The only downside is that the apps are not automatically hibernated after the user launches them once. However, a simple workaround to this issue is to place the ‘Hibernate All’ shortcut of Greenify on your home screen and tap it every once in a while.

If your Android device frequently runs of RAM or has only 1GB or lesser, I’d highly recommend you to try out Greenify especially since the basic functionality of the app is completely free to use.