Latest Google Play Services adds ‘Trusted places’ to Smart Lock in Lollipop

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Nov 2014


Google has tucked in a handy ‘Trusted places’ in Smart Lock for Lollipop users in the latest update of Google Play Services.

Until now, Smart Lock only supported trusted devices and face. The inclusion of ‘Trusted places’ will allow you to specify your work, home and other locations as ‘trusted’ so that your device will automatically unlock itself without prompting you for a PIN, password or pattern in these locations.


Once you leave this ‘trusted’ place, the lockscreen security will automatically be re-enabled. Google also allows you to have multiple trusted places, and automatically imports your Work and Home location from Google Now.

You can grab the latest APK of Google Play Services from here to gain access to the Trusted places feature on your Lollipop running device right away.

[Via Reddit]