jOdin3 is a web-based flashing tool for your Galaxy branded Android device

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Jan 2014

Rooting or flashing an Android device is not an easy as jailbreaking an iPhone. While an iPhone can be jailbroken from a web browser, rooting/flashing an Android device will require you to have access to a PC. Well, that changes today for owners of most of the Samsung Galaxy devices.

Usually, flashing or rooting a Samsung Galaxy device requires Odin or Casual. WIth the jOdin3 CASUAL website though, these tools are history. Created by Adam Outler, the developer of Casual, jOdin3 will allow users to flash an Odin compatible file via a web browser on their Windows, Linux or Mac based PC.

Below is a quick demo of the website -:

The website does require Heimdall to be installed on the user’s PC, which is an open-source alternative of Odin. Mac owners will also need to install Java for the website to work on their computer.

The rooting and flashing procedure of Galaxy devices will become much easier now, since the user does not have to care about setting up Odin on his PC.

Sooner or later, we might also see developers taking advantage of this website to provide a way to automatically root an Android device.