International HTC One owners should see a software update to address camera issues

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 24 Apr 2013

According to SlashGear, who received a statement from HTC, international One owners should check their device for a software update. HTC just issued one that fixes quite a few number of bugs, with the main focus of the update being the camera. The Taiwanese handset company has tweaked color reproduction and dynamic range in an attempt to make the photos the One outputs that much prettier.

It’s not that the HTC One camera is bad, it’s just that HTC over-promised and under-delivered, much like they did with the One X in 2012. To give you an idea of what people said about the One’s camera, David Pierce from The Verge said this in his review:

“The pictures I took on the One just don’t look very good. Nothing looks sharp or crisp, no matter the situation.”

Here’s hoping this software update actually fixes things, because now that reviews for the Galaxy S4 are out, everyone is saying that the camera is amazing, best in class even. Though not in low light.


Update: The update weighs in at 230 MB. Here’s a screenshot of it.

Update: As of April 29th, it appears that the update is live in the UK.