HTC gives away the One M8 for free to the owner of a burnt Galaxy S4

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 28 Jul 2014


You might not hear about it but smartphones catching fire is actually more common than you think. Every once in a while, someone’s Galaxy S4/S5 or an iPhone will catch fire because of a faulty battery or just some internal fault. Usually, no one is hurt in these cases which is what really matters here.

A redditor’s, TweektheGeekGalaxy S4 caught fire a month ago and he decided to contact Samsung about it.

While the company was initially very responsive and wanted his Galaxy S4 for their investigation purposes, they stopped replying to his emails and completely ignored him after that. Even after multiple emails, Samsung never asked TweektheGeek to send his burnt Galaxy S4 to them or sent him a replacement unit. Perhaps once the online media diverted its attention from this news, the company had a change of heart.

After being without a properly working phone for nearly a month, TweektheGeek finally decided to share his ordeal on Reddit in an hope to catch Samsung’s attention once again.

Instead, he managed to attract the attention of Leigh Momii, product manager at HTC USA, who has gladly decided to give him the company’s latest flagship — the One M8 — for free under one condition. In case Samsung does end up replacing TweektheGeek’s Galaxy S4, he would have to sell it and donate the money to any charity he likes, which he has already agreed to.

While Samsung officials were busy enjoying their weekend, HTC managed to earn the respect and attention of thousands of people by helping a Galaxy S4 owner. This incident might not seem like a big deal to many but with this single move HTC has won a lot of fan (and potential customers) on the big wide world of Internet.