HTC 2015 roadmap ‘will be our best ever,’ with huge surprises on the way

BY Evan Selleck

Published 31 Dec 2014


The beginning of 2015 is likely going to be a busy endeavor, with the arrival of CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, but also with the announcement of whatever it is HTC has been working on.

The beginning of the year is usually all about HTC in one way or another, as most other companies have smartphones or other devices that launch later in the year. 2015 will likely be the same, and Jeff Gordon, HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, took to Twitter to tease what’s to come. Of course, the tease is just a tease, and what may be coming down the pipe is still anyone’s guess:

With an outlook that looks quite bright, including the “best ever” roadmap, there’s certainly quite a bit for consumers to get excited about. The Hima, a codenamed device that’s already started to make the rounds through the Rumor Mill, could be one of those devices. More than that, though, HTC will surely take the news feeds by storm with whatever high-profile, flagship handset they announce in just a matter of time.

What are you hoping to see from HTC in 2015?

[via @urbanstrata]