Hangouts for iOS gets a major update; Android update ‘coming soon’

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Jun 2015


In a move that is sure to anger a lot of Android users, Google today started rolling out a major update for the Hangouts app for iOS. The v4.0 update to the app brings with it a polished new Material Design inspired UI that makes it easier to message your friends and family.

The update does look similar to the leaked screenshots of Hangouts v4.0 for Android, though some changes have been made to the UI to better suit iOS devices. Other notable changes present in the update include a new Dialer UI, performance improvements, a quick compose button, and more.

– Sleek & polished with material design
– Quick compose button to find your most frequent contacts and start a new conversation
– Easy access to the full complement of attachments, making it easy to pick photos, stickers, emoji and more
– Improved experience for phone calling with a new Dialer UI

Google has been treating Hangouts like its step child, so it is nice to see the app receiving a major update. However, it would have been even better if Google could have rolled out the update for the Hangouts app for Android along with the iOS app. As things stand right now, the update to the Hangouts Android app “will be coming soon,” which is definitely not going to go down well with Hangouts users on Android.

[Via +Sky Ortiz]