AT&T says the Samsung GS4 will be on store shelves on April 27th; that’s this Saturday

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 23 Apr 2013

AT&T just sent out a tweet saying that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for purchase from their retail stores on April 27th. They specifically mention that it’ll only be the 16 GB model. Not that it matters, the phone has a microSD card slot for your movie and music hoarders out there.

Curiously, the 27th is when the phone also launches in the UK. And yesterday I discovered that the GS4 will be available to buy from my local electronics retailer here in Helsinki on the same day as well. Samsung said they wanted their 2013 flagship phone to launch in three countries, but I’ve got a hunch it’s going to launch in quite a few more than just three.

Should you buy the GS4? Tough question.

Some of you will hate that the phone is made out of plastic. To those people, you’ll tell yourselves that the HTC One, with an all aluminum body, is better. Some of you will hate the fact that the phone has a 5 inch screen, so you’ll want something smaller, and you might even be considering buying a midrange phone for a change. Others, myself included, will wait to see what the Note III is all about. That and I can’t wait to see how the Exynos 5 GS4 compares to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 GS4.