Leak: Two photos of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 Active

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 3 Jun 2013

What happens when you take a Galaxy S4 and make it waterproof and dustproof? You get the GS4 Active. About the only “downgrade” between the regular GS4 and the Active, as far as the rumors are saying, is in the camera department. Gone is the 13 megapixel, it’ll be replaced with an 8 megapixel shooter. Not the worst news in the world, not by a longshot.

Over the week, the world’s favorite anonymous Twitter user, @evleaks, leaked two photos of the Active. Specifically, the Active for AT&T. Will Samsung announce this thing at their upcoming event on June 20th? I want to say yes, but Samsung is incredibly unpredictable. All my press friends, myself included, thought the GS4 mini would be announced at Samsung’s event, but nope, they dropped a press release Thursday morning like a boss.

Anyway, here’s one more photo. Like I said, same phone as the GS4, just less accident prone.