Google updates Gmail for Android, now lets you set an out of office and send any file you want

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 12 Dec 2013


Google has just announced that they’ve updated the Gmail for Android app. This new version, 4.7 if you’re counting, comes with three new features. The first is the ability to set an out of office message. Before this update, the only way to do that was to use Gmail on your computer. The second is the ability to print, though you’re going to need Android 4.4 KitKat for that. And finally third, the ability to open and send any kind of file you want. Previously, you could only attach pictures and videos. Now, anything is game.

UR11 Vacation responder

How do you download the new Gmail? You don’t. You just have to wait for your phone to get an over the air update. If you really want to side-load the APK because you lack patience, then here’s a download link.

UR11 Print 1

So what else should Google add to Gmail to make the app perfect? I’d like to see the ability to create filters on the fly or save searches. For example, say I’m going to spend a lot of time in Bangkok during the winter. I want to be able to search for “Bangkok” on my phone and save that search so I don’t have to keep on clicking the magnifying glass icon and typing out the word “Bangkok”.

It’s a small request, but what about you, what do you think the app needs?