Google Trips Launches for Android to Make Planning Easier

BY Evan Selleck

Published 19 Sep 2016


Back in April of this year, a report surfaced, along with leaked images, of what looked to be an upcoming app called Google Trips.

Trips was seen as a new, dedicated app that Google planned on launching to help users not only plan their next vacation, but do so while they were there, making it easier with just a series of taps on a phone’s display. Now, Google Trips is official, and it’s available right now for Android (and iOS).

Trips is meant to be a travel companion, offering up a variety of content to help expand the user’s trip and experience. It stores a variety of information, including reservations, along with places of interest and more. It will also showcase new ways to get around an area, and also show restaurants and other worthwhile locations.


Users will be able to use Google Trips as a means to build a custom itinerary while they’re out, and the app will populate suggestions based on the hot spots you plan on visiting. The app also features “Day Trip,” which launches with support for over 200 cities across the globe, which offers quick access to the most popular sights and attractions in those cities, as populated by previous visitors.

Relevant information, like flights, reservations, hotels, and more, can all be installed to the phone, so even if the user loses a connection to the Internet the pertinent information is still handy.

For travelers, whether they’re seasoned professionals or new to the experience, it looks like Google Trips might be a nice addition.

[via Official Google Blog]