Google Play Services 6.5 brings new API features for Maps, Drive and Fit; Introduces a minimal common library

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 Nov 2014


Google today announced the rollout of Google Play Services v6.5 that contains new API features for Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Wallet and the recently released Google Fit API. Additionally, the company is also providing a way for developers to make their app lighter by providing them with a minimal common library and the ability to import only the APIs their app needs. 

The new Google Maps for Android API offers a map toolbar that will allow users to open Google Maps and get directions and turn-by-turn navigation assistance from their current location. The toolbar will automatically show up in apps that will be compiled against Google Play Services 6.5.

The company has also bundled a new ‘lite mode’ map option for developers. This new option is ideal for situations when the developer wants to show a number of maps or only a single map, but in such a small size that it makes any kind of interaction impractical.


The new Google Drive APIs makes syncing files to Drive user and battery friendly and will allow users to specify when the files should be uploaded depending on the network type and charging status. The new APIs will also allow developers to build a “very efficient search queries and allow apps to save information which is guaranteed to persist across editing by other apps.”

To make it easier to developers to collect donations and for users to donate to them, Google has added a new ‘Donate with Google’ feature to the Google Wallet API. It has also updated the recently released Fit API to make it easier for developers to add predefined time periods for walking, running or cycling to make it easier for them to detect pauses or multiple activity type workouts.

Google says that it will be rolling out Google Play Services 6.5 over the next few days and will make the relevant documentation, samples and updated SDK available once the rollout is completed.