Google Now launcher beta update adds landscape orientation and icon normalisation

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Jan 2016


Google has started rolling out a beta update to the Google Search for Android app (v5.8) that introduces landscape orientation and icon normalisation feature to its Now Launcher.

Google had enabled landscape orientation on Now launcher in the preview build of Android M, but removed it once the final version of the OS was released. With today’s update to Google Search though, the company is once again adding the feature back to the launcher. The new orientation will be available for all Android devices running KitKat and higher.

Additionally, the update also introduces icon normalisation feature. As the name suggests, the feature makes sure that all icons on your homescreen are of the same size. Considering that every other Android app ends up using any random icon size they wish to, icon normalisation is a feature that Google should have added to the launcher long ago. Nonetheless, it is nice to see the company getting its act together and finally adding the feature.

The update is only available to beta testers of the Google Search app for now, but should be made available to everyone within the next few weeks.

[Via Reddit]