Google Inbox Update Makes It Easier to Manage Alert Emails from Trello and GitHub

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 10 Aug 2016

Inbox by Gmail logo

Google has rolled out a major update for Inbox for Android that helps in managing your inbox easier. The company has worked with Trello and GitHub to offer improved email notifications. 

Now, if you get an email from Trello, you will be automatically provided with a summary of what’s new. Similarly, GitHub emails will provide you with a summary of code changes and filed issues for each repository. This way, you will not have to painstakingly go through each and every email from GitHub or Trello that lands in your inbox to stay on top of things.


Google is inviting other companies that regularly send out alert emails to work with it and implement similar changes for their emails.

In a similar manner, Google is making email notifications from Google Alerts more manageable. Inbox will now display Google Alerts mail notifications like a newsletter, with the news being summarised right in the box. If any particular news catches your fancy, you can tap on it to read it or simply mark it as done.


The Inbox team has also added some much requested features from the community in this update. This includes being able to insert Google Drive links into emails, save mail attachments directly to Drive, and easily delete emails from your inbox.

Have you switched over to Inbox yet? Or are you still sticking to your traditional email inbox?

[Via Google Blog]