Google inadvertently reveals the Nexus 5 in its KitKat statue video

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 4 Sep 2013

google nexus 5 leak KitKat

To showcase its big Android 4.4 KitKat announcement, Google posted a video of the chocolate statute as it was unveiled on the front lawn of its headquarters. What was a supposed to be lovely tribute video to the next version of Android may have become the source of an embarrassing Nexus 5 leak for Google.

As spotted by 9to5 Google, the unveiling video, which is now a private YouTube clip, showed Google employees taking video of the statue ceremony using their phones. A close-up grab from the video reveals an unknown Nexus device, which is likely the upcoming Nexus 5.

google nexus 5 leak KitKat

The backplate of the phone has the same horizontal Nexus logo that is seen on the latest Nexus 7 tablet and has a camera lens that is much bigger than the one on the Nexus 4. It also appears to be a larger phone, suggesting Google may be super-sizing its upcoming Nexus device. Check out the photo above and chime in with your thoughts on this inadvertent leak in the comments.

Update: The Verge has snagged a copy of the Google unveiling video. Head over to The Verge’s website to check it out.

[Via 9to5Google]