Garmin announces $130 heads-up display for your car, aims to prevent you from crashing

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 8 Jul 2013

You’re a horrible person, and so am I. You know why? Because we drive places with our smartphone in our lap, occasionally looking down to make sure we’re going the right direction. Sure, some of us are smart and have purchased hands-free mounts, but Garmin thinks they can go one step better.

The company has just announced the “Garmin HUD“. HUD in this case stands for heads-up display. No, they didn’t create a smartphone accessory that straps a phone to your face, instead they created a little Bluetooth accessory that projects a small screen onto your windshield. In order for this to work, you need to put a small sticker on your windshield, and I wish I could tell you how big said sticker is, but Garmin doesn’t say. Garmin does, however, say this thing works just as well in bright sunlight as it does at night, but I highly doubt that.

Should you buy this thing? Wait for the reviews, obviously, but I’m going to have to say you’re probably better off buying one of those suction cups you stick on your windshield that holds your phone. Take the money you’ll end up saving and spend it on gas, which these days is only getting more and more expensive.