Finally: The HTC One is now on Verizon

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 22 Aug 2013

HTC’s 2013 flagship phone, announced over six months ago, is finally available on America’s largest operator: Verizon Wireless. We’ve reviewed the device, and we love it, so should you spend $199 and sign a two year contract to buy it? If you’re hell bent on sticking to Verizon, and you can’t stand Samsung’s plastic phones, then yes.

Realistically speaking, between now and the end of the year there are only three phones coming out that are worth talking about. One is the Galaxy Note III. For some people, it’ll be too big. For others, they’ll hate the plastic. The other is the next Nexus. The latest rumors say it’ll be made by Motorola, not LG. There will likely be a Verizon model, whether or not it’ll get updates as quickly as the GSM variant is another topic open to debate, but at least you’ll get stock Android and access to what’s arguably the best 4G LTE network in America.

The third phone is the iPhone 5S, and I’m assuming that’s not even an option for many of you.

But seriously, six month old old, worth buying? Watch this video to get a better answer.

[Via: Android Central]