Facebook’s new Riff app lets users create videos together

BY Evan Selleck

Published 1 Apr 2015

image Facebook Riff Android app

Facebook’s Creative Labs is meant to bring new ideas to the world. They’ve done it again, with a brand new app centered on creating videos.

The newest app is called Riff, and it’s designed to let users share videos with their family and friends, but it goes above and beyond that. With Riff, friends can actually add to the video that was originally shared, and then the friends of that person can add to it, and so on and so forth.

Just log into the app with Facebook credentials, and the videos that have already been shared by friends and family will be populated. You can add to that video if you want, or even browse through Riff to see which videos you want to add to on your own time. Users will be able to see videos that the Riff team has featured, too, which should help to give people ideas.

It’s worth noting that videos can’t actually be uploaded from a camera roll to Riff. Videos must be shot with the app directly, and then can be shared through the app once finished.

Riff is a free download and it’s available now in the iOS App Store. A link to the app is available below.


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