Facebook testing SMS integration and multiple account support in Messenger

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 12 Feb 2016


Facebook is currently experimenting adding SMS integration to its Messenger application for Android devices. This will allow Facebook Messenger users to directly send and receive texts from within the application.

Sadly, as per the tipster of Android Police says, the text and Messenger threads will not be merged into one. Also, to separate between text and Messenger chats, the SMS bubbles will be in purple color.


Back in 2012, the Messenger application from Facebook was originally a text replacement app before being completely overhauled in late 2013. The company had then later pulled the SMS functionality from the app because of “low traction.”

The social networking giant is also working on adding support for multiple accounts to its application that would make the lives of  users with multiple FB accounts or shared devices easier.

Facebook is already testing these new features with selected Messenger users. Depending on how successful it testing is, the company will then do a mass roll out of the feature.

[Via AndroidPolice]