How to disable the Google Now swipe up from Home action

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 22 Aug 2013


One of the advantages of Android devices with on-screen navigation keys is the quick access to Google Now by just swiping up from the bottom of the home button. While it may not seem like a biggie, it is a god sent ability to directly jump into Google Now from anywhere you are in the OS.

However, this small feature also a cause for a big headache for many people. Numerous times, I have ended up opening Google Now while playing Zombie Flick or Fruit Ninja on my Nexus 4. 

In comes Google Now Swipe Disabler from developer Adrian Campos. The application can replace the stock swipe up to Google Now action with any other app, or altogether disable it. The application is pretty simple to use, and does not even require root access to work properly.

Step 1: Download Google Now Swipe disabler from here, and fire it up on your Android device. The application will work on all Android devices with on-screen navigation keys and the HTC One, which has the swipe up to open Google Now action as well.


Step 2: Fire up Google Now Swipe Disabler and then select the Chose action option. The app will now populate a list of all your installed apps, and then present you with the option to assign any action to the gesture. Apart from disabling Google Now, you can assign the app to open any other app, do a voice search, open the Recents Apps list and more.

Step 3: Once you have selected your desired action, go back to your home screen. Now, when you will initiate the Swipe up from home screen action for the first time, you will get an option to “Complete the action using” pop-up. Select ‘Google Now Swipe Disabler’ from the pop-up, and set it as the default option. This step will replace the default action of opening Google Now with any other action specified by you.

Personally, I use the app to map the action to quickly do a voice search. It is much, much faster than opening Google Now and then tapping on the mic button.