First CM12 nightlies could be available by the end of this month

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 14 Nov 2014


With the source code of Android 5.0 Lollipop already available on AOSP, most CyanogenMod users are eagerly waiting for the team to release the first CM12 nightly for their devices. Besides releasing the CM11 M12 build, the CyanogenMod team also revealed its plans on when it plans to start rolling out CM12 nightlies. 

The CyanogenMod team started working on CM12 at the end of last week and states that advanced users and developers can successfully sync and build a work in progress CM12 nightly for a selected few devices.

As for the official CM12 nightlies, the CM team makes it clear that they are very “unlikely” to roll out nightlies before the end of October, or in early November. The team is working on adding all the CM features that CyanogenMod users have come to love and appreciate the ROM for and will also “reimagine those that no longer translate to the Material look of L.”

As with any new release of Android, certain devices will be given the boot because of their inadequate hardware performance and/or the lack of binaries and updated source code. While the CyanogenMod team did not provide a list of devices they will be supporting, their post does state that the devices making the jump from CM11 to CM12 will be higher than what they had initially assumed.

In the end, the CM team assures its users that the team and people contributing to CyanogenMod are “working hard” with their gerrit being aflutter with activities, and if everything goes according to the plan, they will have some CM12 goodness right in time for the holiday season and before the New Year for its users.

[Via CyanogenMod]