Caffeine Tracker is like Jawbone’s Up Coffee, available on Android

BY Rita El Khoury

Published 6 Mar 2014


Jawbone just released its Up Coffee app to help users log their caffeine intake throughout the day and track its level in their blood as it’s metabolized and eliminated. The app, however, is only available for iOS devices now, leaving many coffee-addicted Android users severely jittery. If this omission is stressing you and you can’t wait for Up Coffee to make its way to Android, there’s an alternative in Caffeine Tracker.

Caffeine Tracker might not be as gorgeous as Up Coffee, but it is cleanly designed with a very simple Holo interface. The functionality of the app comes close to Up Coffee as well, with it relying on you to log your intake of caffeinated beverages through the day. The app then uses your body weight — and factors in pregnancy and use of oral contraceptives — to calculate the caffeine blood level based on the molecule’s known metabolism algorithm.

Logging your caffeine intake is simple

Logging your caffeine intake is simple

You can add your own custom drinks and set caffeine level thresholds to be notified when it’s too low or too high. The minimum level should help you determine when you need to fuel up during the day and when you can go to bed relaxed at night. As for the maximum level, it’s wise to have that as a reminder when you’ve had more coffee than you should have.

The Pro version of the app even adds charts, a level history and projection, the ability to edit the caffeine levels in the preset drinks and removes all ads.

Caffeine Tracker's history and projection

Caffeine Tracker’s history and projection

Caffeine Tracker is already available on Android for free or as a paid $0.99 Pro app. Download it and keep your addiction in check until Up Coffee is released for Android.