Brief: Moto X launch date set for August 23rd

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 7 Aug 2013

For some strange reason, Motorola didn’t want to unveil when the Moto X would start shipping at their event last week. It’s always puzzling to me why companies announce products and then don’t tell you when you’ll be able to buy them. Anyway, according to an image from an inventory system obtained by Android Central, the device will go on sale on August 23rd.

That’s a little over two weeks away.

Will the Moto X sell? Gee, that’s a tough one. For $199 with a two year contract, you can buy a new iPhone, a Galaxy S4, or an HTC One. And speaking about the iPhone, a new one is right around the corner and everyone knows that.

Good luck, Motorola, but you should’ve started selling this on August 1st.