Brief: Microsoft Office hits Android, it’s not free

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 31 Jul 2013


As the headline says, Office 365 has just hit the Google Play Store. The app itself is free, and you can have fun using your mobile data watching it download, because you’re going to need to be an Office 365 member in order to actually use it. How much is Office 365? It starts at $5 per month, but to get the version that supports the Android and iOS apps, you need to pay $12.50 per month.

It’s worth remembering that Google Docs is free.

Update: If you’re an individual, meaning you’re not using Office 365 as part of a company wide deployment, then the cost is actually $10 per month OR $100 per year.

The app is not available for tablets. If you’re an Office 365 subscriber, then you can download the app from Google Play using this link.