The best text editor for Android: JotterPad X

BY Rita El Khoury

Published 10 Apr 2014


Writing has been my hobby ever since I was eleven years old. Over the years, it evolved from literature only to include non-fiction, like blogging and reporting. I am always writing, even on my phone and tablet, and after trying dozens of Android text editors, I finally found the perfect one: JotterPad X: Writer.

If you take your writing as seriously as I do, you would require your text editors to be minimal and distraction-free. You don’t need twenty toolbars, different view modes, dozens of buttons or anything that can populate the small screen without adding any tangible value to your writing process. JotterPad X respects that to the tee with nothing but your text visible along with a small button that invokes a toolbar of well-organized options.

But that isn’t even JotterPad X’ most significant feature. The app is full of incredibly useful options that clearly show that it was designed and developed by a team who knows what writing is all about. Various Styles let you format your document before you even start working on it. Dropbox synchronization keeps your texts accessible offline and from multiple devices. A live “word count” shows you how much you have already written. There are even handy Undo/Redo buttons, a Find option to locate a specific word or sentence, and Share and Export to save your document. JotterPad also includes an “Extended Keyboard” option that puts a row of useful shortcuts above your on-screen keyboard, and physical keyboard support with a lot of shortcuts so you can do things faster.


A “Creative” in-app purchase unlocks further options, like Markdown preview, a Night Mode that switches the colors around for easier readability in the dark, Screen Locking to let you scroll and read without triggering the keyboard, and Versions which keeps tab of every time you save a document and lets you go back to a previous version. That still isn’t the most useful feature of JotterPad X.


That title goes to the integrated Dictionary and Thesaurus. Type a word and you can listen to its pronounciation, check its meaning and find its synonyms. Any serious writer would tell you that this is an invaluable option in any writing application, because we are all prone to repetitions and confusion. Having that option built-in saves you a lot from switching to a separate app or Google Now to do your research.


Prior to JotterPad X, I tried Google Drive’s text editor, Evernote, QuickOffice, and multiple Office and notes apps. JotterPad X however won me instantly after I installed it, mainly because it made writing simple and enjoyable again. I couldn’t point to any missing feature or any fault in the app, and that perfection is what earns it the “Best text editor for Android” title.