AutoMagisk Automatically Hides Root from Pokemon Go, Android Pay, and More Apps

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Sep 2016


Last week, Niantic rolled out an update for Pokemon Go for Android that prevented the game from running on rooted Android devices. A workaround to get the game up and running using Magisk was found pretty quickly, but the process was not really straightforward and required one to manually toggle root access on/off before running the game.

To make your life easier, developer Kieron Quinn has released a new app called AutoMagisk that automatically disables root to certain apps when you open them and re-enables root when you exit the app. This way, you can play Pokemon Go on your Android device without worrying about toggling root beforehand. The app can also be used to enable Android Pay on rooted Android devices.

You can also use AutoMagisk to enable/disable root access for all other installed apps on your device. When you launch an app for which you have explicitly disabled root access, a notification will also pop up in the notification bar to remind you of this.

To get AutoMagisk to work, you must have Magisk already installed and set up on your rooted Android device. While Magisk is a very powerful mod, installing it requires one to wipe their Android device which is likely going to be a bummer for many. You can find more information about Magisk and the steps on setting it up on your rooted Android device here.

Download: AutoMagisk

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