4 new and noteworthy features of the Galaxy Note 5's S Pen

Samsung's stylus is back and supercharged with some helpful new features.

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Florence Ion

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The Galaxy Note 5’s best feature, besides its phablet size, is its hide-away stylus, the S Pen. It’s just a precise as a mouse pointer, and though it might seem like a throwback to older technology, it’s actually one of the best features of Samsung’s new smartphone. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best features of the new S Pen.

1. It feels like a real pen

Writing with a stylus on screen is already sort of weird, but not so with the S Pen. It offers a smooth writing experience and it feels just just as balanced as a regular pen. Its clicky top is also spring-loaded, so you can easily pull it out of the bottom of the device.

2. Air Command has room for shortcuts

Air Command still features quick shortcuts to the suite of apps made for the S Pen, but now you can add a few of your own app shortcuts to the dock. This will be particularly helpful when you download third-party apps that take advantage of the S Pen stylus. 

3. Write on the screen without unlocking the phone

My favorite new feature of the Note 5 is the ability to use Screen write from the standby screen. If you’re desperate to take a note but don’t want to bother with unlocking your phone, you can simply pop out the pen and start writing. 

4. Capture an entire website with Scroll capture 

Sometimes, you want to save more than just part of the screen. For longer screenshots, you can use the Scroll Capture feature to capture multiple scrolls of a webpage. The screenshot is saved as an extra-long image file in the Gallery app, which you can then pinch and zoom for more details. 

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