Android 5.1.1 factory image for the Nexus Player posted

BY Evan Selleck

Published 21 Apr 2015


It’s only been four days since the first references to Android 5.1.1 showed up by way of an Android Audio Latency page, but now the first factory image for the software has been published.

Following the reveal of the new software on the aforementioned webpage, Google has apparently decided that it’s time for the factory image to get published online for access to those that might want it. The device in question? The Nexus Player. It’s been published to the developer website now for those that have the set-top box and want to download the newest software possible.

The build for the software is LMY47V. Compare that to build LMY47W for the Nexus 7 (2013) and build LMY47S for the Nexus 9, which was referenced on the audio latency page.

Unfortunately, without Google officially announcing the update software, there’s no telling what tweaks the Android team have made within just yet. Though, with the software easily accessible to those that want it, it shouldn’t be long before the details break the surface.

[via Google Developers]