Android 4.4.4 maintenance update headed to Nexus 5 in India, New Zealand and Australia

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Jul 2014


While it’s not a massive new update, for owners of the Nexus 5 in New Zealand, Australia or India, a new maintenance upgrade is being sent out to your device right now.

Officially revealed by Google, and as first reported by Android Police, the newest update to be sent out to the Nexus 5 in those aforementioned countries is meant to tweak only a few things behind the scenes, as well as potentially address a network issue that some users may have noticed. Or, even if they didn’t, Google noticed, and an update is on its way to alleviate the situation.

In the update, a new radio image comes along for the ride, as well as plenty of bug squashing for good measure. The build number has been updated to KTU84Q, with the specific version listed as Android 4.4.4_r2, and the factory image details the release as “Android 4.4.4 Release 2 (for 2Degrees/NZ, Telsta/AUS and India ONLY)(KTU84Q).”

As usual, a lot of details on the technical side, but this is far from the major update that you’re really waiting for with Android L, still tentatively scheduled or a release this fall.

Are you using a Nexus 5 in New Zealand, India or Australia, and have you received this update?

[via Android Police]