Android 4.4.2 for Sony’s Google Play Edition Z Ultra being pushed out, fixes numerous bugs

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 17 Dec 2013


The Google Play Edition Sony Z Ultra shipped with multiple show stopping bugs that apparently no one in quality and assurance noticed. First major bug, you couldn’t access the device’s security settings. Hitting “security” in the settings menu made the settings menu crash, each and every time. Second major bug, you couldn’t uninstall applications. You don’t need me to explain why that’s bad. Third major bug, Google Now was plagued with issues.

But all of those have now been patched with a 444 MB update to Android 4.4.2.


The update, build number KOT49H, was first spotted by Android Central, and while they don’t have a link to the actual update itself so you apply it via a quick sideload, it’s best to just hold on and wait for the update to hit your device. It shouldn’t take more than a week at most.

Stepping back a little, should you even buy the Google Play Edition Z Ultra? I spent two weeks with the Xperia Z Ultra, otherwise known as the Z Ultra with Sony’s software, and I came away with mixed feelings. I loved using that thing at home, more so than any other Android device I’ve ever laid my hands on, but moving it outside my flat was where the issues cropped up.

It’s winter, so sticking the Z Ultra in your jacket pocket is easy, but what happens in six months when it’s warm outside and you’re walking around in shorts and a t-shirt? Are you going to carry the Z Ultra in your front pocket?

Of course not.