$2250 Samsung Galaxy S III goes on sale in Germany, approved for people who regularly handle classified information

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 10 Sep 2013


Take the year and a half old Galaxy S III, modify it to be ultra secure, and then charge 1700 Euros for it. That’s exactly what just happened in Germany. This new Galaxy S III doesn’t have an official name, but the press release says it’s certified for government officials and that it runs a specialized kernel called L4 that’s about 10,000 lines of code that makes literally everything you do on the phone ultra secure. Your calls are secured, your text messages, your web traffic, everything.

Will this thing be sold outside of Germany? Probably not since I’m going to assume that the device requires specialized servers and people operating those servers to work right. It’s not like your average man on the street will be able to buy this thing and then start conducting drug deals that the police can’t intercept.

But say you want to be secure, yet at the same time you like your savings account. What do you do? Every Android device actually supports remote wipe. All you have to do is go to the Android Device Manager website, configure remote wipe, and now if you’re faced in the unfortunate situation of losing your phone or having it stolen, one click deleted everything.

[Via: All About Samsung]