Google Drive for Android update lets you share, download multiple files at once

The collaboration interface gets a nice cleanup, with less clutter when sending a file with others.

google drive logo

Google Drive’s Android app added some helpful tweaks to the sharing interface with its latest update.

Version 2.2.23 lets you select and and then share a group of files to others all at once. Previously you were restricted to only mass download such files without the sharing capability. Now you can just tap and hold a file, then select the circular checkbox on any others you want to include.

drive for android update

The new Drive interface (middle, left) includes a download and sharing button for multiple files. 

The sharing menu is also cleaner, with contact pictures replacing the generic box that used to handle this function. Google says the update is coming to the Play Store.

The latest edition is also hosted at APK Mirror, but when I downloaded the file it didn’t include the new sharing interface. So you may just have to wait for that feature to appear in the official Play Store build.

The impact on you: If Google Drive is your go-to productivity suite, these are some helpful changes. They’ll especially be useful on large-screen phones like the Galaxy Note 4 or Android tablets, as you can use all that space for collaboration and working with various file types. Google also needs to keep the pace with Drive on Android now that Office for Android phones brings new competition.

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