Identify songs and get lyrics on your watch with Shazam for Android Wear

shazam android wear
Credit: Shazam

With Shazam’s newest update, you can identify a song and get the lyrics right on your Android Wear smartwatch. 

The feature comes with an update to the Shazam Android app, which also integrates more deeply with Google’s voice commands. You can now launch the app on your phone by saying, “Shazam this song” or “OK Google, launch Shazam.”

When you launch Shazam on Android Wear, it will use your watch’s microphone to listen for music. Once it identifies the song, you can swipe to the left to get a real-time display of the lyrics, perfectly synced with the playing song.

shazam android wear

When you launch Shazam on your watch you can swipe to the left to get real-time song lyrics.

Swipe once more to the left to Shazam another title. 

The impact on you: This is a pretty slick feature that shows the value of Android Wear. You get the benefits of using Shazam without the need to pull out your phone. Along with the recent improvements with Android Wear 5.1, the platform still has a lot of potential for additional functionality. 

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