Galaxy S6 Active images leak, pointing to more rugged version of Samsung's newest flagship

galaxy s6 active leak
Credit: GSM Arena

Evidence is piling up that we may see a Galaxy S6 Active soon.

Android Authority spotted an FCC filing with the device name SM-G890A, which isn’t far off from the Galaxy S5 Active’s SM-G870A. Usually when a device is going through the FCC regulatory process it’s about few weeks away from going to market.

GSM Arena spotted a picture, showing a device with three hardware buttons along the bottom and an Otterbox-style back. It has a lot in common with the Galaxy S5 Active, though the exterior seems even more industrial.

The story behind the story: The “Active” edition of Samsung’s Galaxy phones have a more robust exterior for those who are rough on their devices or are the type to go on a lot of outdoor adventures. If the pictures are legit it won’t have the svelte appeal of the all-glass-and-metal Galaxy S6 and Edge, but it may give you better piece of mind when taking it along a mountain trail.

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