Samsung promises fixes to RAM management bugs on Galaxy S6

gs6 benchmarkhead
Credit: Florence Ion

Samsung says it’s churning out updates to fix nagging performance problems plaguing some Galaxy S6 owners.

An XDA Developers forum thread thread is generating a lot of comments related to the phone slowing down, with speculation that RAM management could be the cause.

Someone reached out directly to Samsung UK on Facebook, getting a response from a company representative about forthcoming fixes

“Micro-updates are in the process of being rolled out to correct issues relating to device performance and stability Johan! Keep checking for these on your device via Settings > About device > Software update > Update now.”

The post didn’t specify what exactly was behind the problems.

The impact on you: If you’re one of the many new owners of the Galaxy S6, it’s good news that Samsung is working on this problem. Bugs are practically inevitable with a new product launch, but Samsung has really improved its efforts at faster software updates and addressing minor inconsistencies. 

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