Amazon's Kindle for Android adds popular highlights, book instructions, and more perks

kindle android app

Kindle for Android wants to train your brain along with serving as your go-to e-Reader.

Version 4.11, which is rolling out through the Play Store, brings in a feature called Word Wise, which pops up hints above words that Kindle thinks may be challenging. The goal is to give you confidence to read more difficult books, so you may finally tackle War and Peace or other oppressive tomes.

There’s more to make you feel at home in the world of books as well. When opening a new novel Amazon will pop up with an introduction that gives background and an estimated read time. To see it again, you’ll need to head to the About This Book section in the sidebar.

The popular highlights feature is also here now, alerting you to phrases and selections that other Kindle users have highlighted while reading. Of course this update comes with the usual round of bug fixes and performance improvements, too.

The impact on you: If you’re not using the Kindle app as your main way to read books, it’s worth giving it a shot. It’s good at cross-platform syncing, so you can pick up your book and continue from the same place across Android, iOS, Fire devices, and of course dedicated Kindle readers. Amazon throws in these little tweaks from time to time that seem to really enhance the experience.

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