Google Docs, Sheets, Slides updates simplify saving a file for offline editing

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Derek Walter

You don’t have to jump out of a Google Doc anymore just to save a copy to your device for offline editing.

Google made the “keep on device” option much easier to get to with the latest update for Docs, Sheets, and Slides for Android devices. The capability to save a file was already there, but you had to stop working on your document and head out to the document list to do so.

google docs keep on device

Google Docs now puts the “Keep on Device” option in two different locations.

Now,  you can touch the top-right menu inside of a file and tap the box to keep it on your device. This way you can keep working on it even if your Internet connection dies off.

Another welcome tweak is to the floating action button, one of the key pieces of Google’s Material Design guidelines. The icon for creating a new Google Doc or Word-compatible file are slightly larger. The icons are also a bit flatter, with “Word document” spelled out instead of the funky .docx extension listing.

google docs floating action button

The floating action button choices are now more finger-friendly, changing from the previous iteration (left) to the current layout (right).

The impact on you: These are good changes for speeding up your workflow. Google is constantly tinkering with its own apps, which now have more direct competition from Office for Android. We found Microsoft’s alternative trumps Google with some features in our Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office comparison.

You can wait for these updates to hit your device, or grab the copies yourself from APK Mirror

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