HTC launches three new apps in Play Store to prep for One M9 launch

HTC one m9

HTC is prepping for the arrival of the One M9 in stores by adding three of its apps to Google Play. 

HTC BoomSound Connect is one of two streaming apps added to the Play Store. It connects to any speaker systems using the AllPlay standard from Qualcomm. It’s unclear at this time if there will be backwards compatibility for the One M8 or M7.

HTC Connect is another streaming option, which can be used for streaming via Bluetooth, DLNA, or Miracast to compatible devices.

htc apps Google Play

HTC BoomSound Connect (left), HTC Connect (center), and HTC Tasks (right) are ready for the M9 in the Play Store.

HTC Tasks is a straightforward task-management and note-taking tool. It does the job well enough and syncs to your HTC Calendar, though we’re fans of Google Keep if you want a more robust option as you can get to your notes synced to the desktop.

Why this matters: HTC wisely puts its custom apps in the Play Store so it can update them without needing to do so through an operating system update. You can also delete them if you wish, cutting down on the all-too-common bloatware that plagues many Android devices. Even iOS users aren’t immune, as you can’t uninstall system apps or hide them in an app drawer - they’re stuck on your home screen for good.

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