Sony sends mixed signals on Lollipop upgrade plans for Xperia phones

se experia
Rob Schultz

It’s the news no Android owner wants to hear: “No OS update for you!” 

That was the message Sony Xperia’s official Twitter account was delivering Monday to those asking if their devices would be getting the upgrade to Lollipop anytime soon. Several tweets indicated that only the Xperia Z series would be scoring the latest flavor of Android.

However, Sony quickly changed its tune, instead opting for the “no comment” method of deflecting the question. 

That came after a series of angry tweets from those upset that phones less than a year old would be left out of Android 5.0. It’s a pretty long list of devices that could be missing out: The Xperia C3, E1, E3, M2, M2 Aqua, T2 Ultra, and T3. 

Why this matters: Given that Lollipop is engineered to work on a wide range of hardware, this is a rather surprising move by Sony. If even budget phones like the Moto E can run it, Sony’s likely making a conscious choice to not deliver Lollipop instead of not having the ability to do so. The lesson here is if you want to ensure you don’t get left out of the latest builds of Android stick to a flagship device, Motorola, or Nexus phone.

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