How to manage saved places in Google Maps

google maps stars
Derek Walter

Nothing is more annoying than the need to search again in Google Maps for that restaurant you just pulled up 30 minutes ago.

Avoid such redundancy by learning to star items, which saves them to be recalled later inside Google Maps. In addition to finding your starred items in the Android app, you'll see your starred items on the web or iOS versions of Google Maps.

When you search for a location with the Google app (standard Google search) or Maps, you’ll see a star the top right of that venue’s card.

Touch the star, and just like in Gmail it will turn yellow to indicate it’s saved. You’ll then see a star at that venue’s location on Google Maps, giving you a visual reference next time you’re panning and zooming inside of the map. 

google maps starred places

All your starred items are saved in a list you can revisit inside the Maps application.

To get to all your saved places quickly, touch the slide menu (the three horizontal "hamburger" lines on the upper left) and select Your Places. You’ll then see the complete list - just touch a spot you want to see and it will be displayed in the map.

If you save too many items, your map can start to look like a child’s astronomy game. So if you ever want to pair down the number of stars, select some of the venues you saved and tap the stars again to un-save them.

If you joined Google’s Local Guides (formerly City Experts) you’ll also see a list of places that Google suggests you review at the top of this menu along with your work and home address. If you haven’t filled these in, you can do so for Google Now to give you traffic alerts and suggestions for how to get home when you’re out and about.

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