Possible Galaxy S6 schematics leak, offering more details about Samsung's next flagship phone

galaxys5 13
Michael Homnick

We may have a slightly clearer picture at what Samsung is cooking up for its Galaxy S6.

First up from the rumor mill is an image of three prototypes from PhoneArena, which have a flatter back design. It’s unclear if one or any of these are the final build, but it indicates that Samsung is willing to tweak the look in order not just to release another clone of the last version.

It’s not just prototypes we’re seeing though - we also spotted a possible case design. It has three cutouts on the bottom, suggesting Samsung may be jamming in the ports or moving the speakers from their usual spot on the back. The design also indicates the LED flash and camera sensor are being moved around from their previous placement.

Another report has suggested the phone could have an all-metal build to step up the design quality, much like Samsung’s A series. The Galaxy Note 4 was a nice upgrade from the Note 3 as it has a metal frame, and it would be great to see Samsung go this direction with the Galaxy S line.

The story behind the story: Samsung may be down, but it’s not out. The overall picture here is that Samsung seems to get that it needs better design, materials, build quality, and a lighter software touch to appeal to those wowed by the svelte simplicity of the iPhone. We eagerly await the unveiling of the Galaxy S6, to see what direction Samsung is headed in.

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