OnePlus to unveil custom OxygenOS Android ROM on February 12


Cyanogen, the popular Android ROM, is going its own way as it seeks to sever dependence on Google, reportedly gets help from Microsoft, and offers exclusive deals in markets like India. But Cyanogen partner OnePlus is also forging its own path, which is weeks away from being revealed.

OnePlus took to its blog early Friday to announce that it will reveal its own custom Android-based ROM called OxygenOS on Thursday, February 12, after spending the first year of its existence tied to the CyanongenMod operating system. The company had little else to say other than the name as it sets up yet another series of endless teases to hype its brand.

The story behind the story: We’ve known that OnePlus has planned its own ROM for some time. The company officially announced it would build its own ROM in late November, but reports of OnePlus’ ROM intentions first surfaced in October—long before the Cyanogen-India debacle.

In late December, OnePlus offered an “early community preview” of its then unnamed ROM. The early build was very basic and didn’t stray far from the Android Open Source Project’s roots. That should no longer be the case when we get our first look at OxygenOS in a few weeks.

A passage to India

OnePlus has yet to announce its plans for the first iteration of OxygenOS. It will clearly hit India, where the company’s OnePlus One phone has stopped receiving updates to its Cyanogen build due to a recent exclusivity arrangement between Cyanogen and Micromax.

OnePlus did not clarify whether users in North America and elsewhere will start to see OxygenOS at the same time. No doubt the the eventual plan is to roll out worldwide, with OnePlus hyping Oxygen as a “simple and pure... fundamental building block,” but in the immediate future Cyanogen is far more fleshed out, stable, and offers a number of its own apps as well.

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