HTC teaming up with Under Armour to build fitness tracker, report says

new fitbits

HTC is jumping into the wearables game, but it won’t be with a smartwatch. A Forbes report says the company is building a fitness band, entering a crowded field with competitors like FitBit, Jawbone, Nike, and Microsoft.

This is probably why HTC is teaming up with Under Armour, a popular sports apparel and equipment brand, to take on such heavy hitters. The duo have already built a new platform called Under Armour, which has produced an Android App.

The UA Record site indicates Under Armour is going all-in into the fitness tracking game, with an app that not only tallies workout data but also can be shared with others as part of a health-focused social network.

Why this matters: HTC has been trying to move beyond phones to boost its retail performance, first with the Re Camera and now it looks like with a fitness band. Many smartphone makers and sports companies are trying to capture the increasingly popular goal of the quantified self. It may be a while before the dust settles and anyone can declare a winner.

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